We’ve built a platform that helps businesses grow their market while generating income for the youth.

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Our Company

We are a service that helps businesses market themselves efficiently while providing an income generating opportunity for our platform users.

Our Purpose

We want to democratise data across Africa. Many African businesses, especially those in the informal sector have been left out of the advertising industry. We want to change that by providing a low cost advertising model that helps businesses grow their market without eating into their cash-flow.

Our Approach

We created a symbiotic relationship between our users and advertisers, where each depends on the other to grow. Users get cash rewards from businesses for displaying their adverts on their feed or for answering survey polls; while businesses get the much needed marketing information they require to make a sale, quicker and cheaper than the conventional alternatives.

It really is about building a strong community

I know... it sounds a little cliché... but what we are doing here has the chance to help grow local businesses and create employment opportunities not to mention increase the financial independence of the youth.


Ken Mwapena Badge Co-Founder/CEO