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Get Paid Whenever An Advert Appears Next To Your Post It's pretty simple; share your posts with us, we attach an advert next to it and whenever any of your badge friends or followers view it, you earn 0.10 BOB. That's Ksh 100 for every 1000 views!

Get rewarded for inviting your friends

Badge is more fun with friends! We'll reward you with 5 BOB for every friend you invite. All you need to do is ask them to use your badge referral code when registering.


Get Your Slice

Let's build this community together. We are sharing the profits around so that you can earn your fair share. #tujijenge

Take control of your data... and get paid for it

At badge, advertisers pay you to get any information about you. This puts you in control of your information. Earn 1 BOB for every survey poll you respond to.


Have Fun

Just entertain yourself. We'll handle the rest and help you get paid for it.

Appreciate talent with cash equivalent gifts

At badge, we pride ourselves on helping young people earn an income. We are especially proud that we can help content creators get the appreciation they deserve. You can now gift your favourite people cash rewards and show them some love.


Disappearing Posts

Your post dissapear after 24 hrs unless they have been re-posted by other badge users.

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If you'd like to get more information or want to tell us what you think about badge, hit us up! We'll get back to you as soon as we can.