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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is badge?

We are an online advertising business. We specialise in helping small businesses in Africa market their products and services at a fraction of the cost.

What does badge do?

Simple, we provide a platform for users to post and share content, we then get businesses to advertise next to that content and share the profits with the users.

Where can I find badge?

We are available on both Google Playstore and the Appstore. We also have a web platform for desktop users.

So how to I become a user?

All you need to do is download the app and sign up. We’ve made it easy for you; you can now sign up using your Google, Facebook or Apple ID.

How do I earn cash rewards?

So, there are five ways you can earn cash rewards as a badge user:

    1. First you can earn cash rewards from answering survey polls. These appear next to other users’ posts when viewing their feed. Next to a post you will see a single question with at least two and not more than five choices to select from. When you select your answer, you will earn KSh. 1.00 as a reward.
    1. 2. Second you can earn cash rewards from simply posting content. The more content to post the higher the chance of earning. The better the quality and the more popular your content is, also increases the chances of earning more – this is based on you reputation score.
    1. 3. Third, you can earn cash rewards from your content viewers. Anyone in the badge community can send you cash equivalent gift called a ‘’sack’’. This feature allows users to appreciate peoples’ content by supporting them with financial gifts. Each ‘’sack’’ cost KSh 10.00 and after tax and our commission the recipient will get KSh. 8.00
    1. 4. Fourth, users can earn cash rewards by inviting new users to badge. For each user they bring in, they will earn KSh 5.00
    1. 5. Finally, users can earn cash rewards from being a badge agent. For each new business a user introduces to badge, we will reward them with 10% of the businesses first deposit and 5% of all top-up they make within the year. All a user needs to do is use their unique referral code located after clicking the options button at the top right of the home screen on the app. The new business will need to use this code when registering in order for the user to earn the reward.

What is a referral code?

This is a unique code that you get when you register with badge. It will help us identify you when rewarding you for inviting your friends or new businesses to badge.

Where can I find my referral code?

You can find your unique referral code by selecting the option button found at the top-right side of the home page. On the list that appears select referral code and you will see an alpha-numeric code (a code with both alphabets and numbers). On the web browser, you will see the alphanumeric code on the right side of the screen, below your profile details.

You can copy this code and send it to your friends or businesses that you introduce to badge.

What is a survey poll?

This is an advert that appears as a question for you to answer when viewing other users’ feeds. It appears next to other users posts.

How do I answer survey polls?

Survey polls appear when you are viewing other users’ feeds. Next to a post you will see a card with the word survey on it. To answer the poll simply select one of the options you are given below the question. The option you selected will be highlighted and show you – percentage wise – how other people answered that question. As soon as you answer the question, you will earn KSh 1.00

What is a billboard

This is the card where adverts will appear. These adverts are curated to fit your profile and appear next to posts when you are viewing another users feed. Whenever you view a billboard, the owner of the feed earns KSh 0.10

The billboard enables you to get more information about the advertiser’s business, call or even message them directly. It also links you directly to their website for easy navigation to the product you are interested in.

You can bookmark these adverts and save them for later or even share it with other people outside of the platform.

How do I know how much I earned?

On the home page, you will see two figures below your name, ‘’Today’s Earnings’’ and ‘’Total Earnings’’.

‘’Today’s Earnings’’ refers to the amount of cash rewards you earned from surveys, billboard impression, gifts, affiliates (friend invites) and agent commissions over a 24 h period. Each day starts at 12 midnight.

‘’Total Earnings’’ refers to the sum of all the cash rewards you have earned and are yet to withdraw from your badge account. This includes the amount you earned today.

To get more specific detail of how much you earned, you can select the account icon on the navigation bar and select ‘’More details’’. You will then be able to see how much you earned from each of the ways you can get rewards. Just cycle through the Impressions, Gift, Affiliate and Agent tabs. You can also set a date range by selecting the calendar option at the top-right of the ‘’more details’’ page.

How do I withdraw my cash rewards?

Select the accounts icon on the navigation bar. You will see the option to ‘’Cash out‘’ on the accounts page. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and select the ‘’Send to my phone’’ button. We will then immediately credit the phone number you used to register with.

Note: For transactions less than KSh 100 you can only request to withdraw once a month. However, anything more than KSh 100, you can withdraw whenever you like.

How do I buy airtime?

Select the accounts icon on the navigation bar. You will see the option to ‘’Buy Airtime‘’ on the accounts page. Enter the amount of airtime you want to buy and select the ‘’Buy airtime’’ button. We will then immediately credit the phone number you used to register with.

How do I keep track of how much I have withdrawn for my Badge account?

Select the accounts icon on the navigation bar. At the top-right of the screen you will see a statement icon. Select the statement icon and it will ask for a date range to which you want the statement to reflect. Once selected, a list of all the withdrawals and airtime bought will appear.

What is the discover feed?

This is the grid format display of posts on the home page.

This is an exciting new feature we incorporated, will make it easier to view quality content. We have created an algorithm that will display content that is more interesting to you and based on your interaction with the app. This also makes it easier for users with interesting and quality posts get more visible and consequently more cash rewards.

What is the community feed?

This feed comprises of all the badgers (people on badge) you follow. This feature makes it easier for you to quickly see what all the people you follow are doing. You can use the search bar to look for friends or other content creators.

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