We’ve built a platform that helps businesses grow their market while generating income for the youth.

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It's time to be your own BOSS!

With our agent program, you can earn a commission whenever you introduce a new business to badge. It's a win-win; you get paid and we help your local businesses grow. #tujijenge

Earn a commission from every business.


Introduce a New Business

You'll earn 10% of their first deposit when they advertise with badge.


Earn From Every Top Up

Continue earning 5% of whatever top-up the business you introduced makes for up to one year.

The space to empower yourself

We are passionate about creating a space for the youth to empower themselves. So, what better way than to give you a chance to have financial independence. All you need to do is ask any business to use your unique referral code when registering with badge. We'll handle the rest.

Benefits of The Agent Program

Predictable Higher Returns

Our commission-based agent program makes it possible for you to predict the income you can earn more confidently. The returns are unlimited since you decide how much effort to put in.

Passive Income

For each business you introduced to us, we'll reward you with 5% of whatever amount they top up when advertising for 1 year since they registered. You don't need to do anything else, your rewards will automatically be sent to your badge account.

Financial Freedom

Our goal with the agent program is to help you reduce some of your financial pressures. Especially if you have no stable source of income. Make money on your terms.

Support Local Business

You will be helping your local businesses grow their market. Making them more sustainable and potentially create more jobs for your community. #tujijenge

It's all about building a strong community

You and us, together, can help change the prospects that the youth have in our society. By helping your local businesses grow, you are providing a chance for employment and financial freedom for the youth. That's how important you are!


It's a good side hustle

At least I know that I have an option to earn an extra shilling

Gavin Kamau

Wondering Where to Start?

Here are a few ideas to get you inspired.

This could be your ticket to financial freedom!

Introducing a mtumba trader to badge

Understand how we can benefit a mtumba business and be better placed to convince them to join badge.

Introducing a wines and spirit business to badge

Every other corner there’s a liquor store. We offer great value to help them grow their business. Here’s information that could help you introduce them

Introducing a bakery business to badge

Kenya has a buzzing bakery industry. From wedding cakes to cup cakes, there are several reasons why a baker can benefit form using badge. Here’s inspiration to help you understand how to approach them.

Introducing a restaurant business to badge

Everyone loves to eat. That’s why there are so many restaurants out there. We offer very appealing tools to help restaurants grow. Learn how we can help so you can be able to introduce a restaurant to us.

The more businesses you introduce, the more you earn.

Need any help?

If you need any more information, just send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.